Why are my details on Exim Reporter?

Exim Reporter uses various publicly available data sources to extract company and EXIM data and group it together in a searchable logical presentation. We rely on publicly available feeds of customs data all over the world to co-relate them to the Indian companies and present a consolidated view of this data. Since all of this information is derived from the public domain, There is no restriction on the publication of this data. When a limited company is incorporated, it has a legal obligation under the respective country's company law to make certain business details available for public inspection. This includes registration details, financial accounts and director information. The level of detail available will depend on the relative country's filing obligations.

How can I remove certain information from Exim Reporter?

The information on Exim Reporter is all a matter of public record, and is sourced from the official registers, and from published government data. Since all this information is in the public domain, we do not remove companies or data from this portal.